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COVID-19 Virtual Learning

We are committed to providing top quality programmes for you. All of our courses have now been adapted so you can carry on online even during a lock-down.

  • What remote education will be made available for different learner cohorts?
    All our programmes are designed to run virtually if necessary, but are flexible so we can react to changes as they happen.
  • Delivery arrangements
    Our programmes run with the same timetabled hours as the face-to-face version. However, the sessions will be varied and include some independent learning.
    We use Microsoft Teams for our Prince’s Trust Programmes and Zoom for Manage Anxiety: Your Way as well as a range of apps and websites.
    Assessment is through a variety of evidence, which includes written work submitted in digital & live online formats, recordings of the sessions and feedback from tutors and support staff.
  • Expectations of participants
    Participants are expected to engage as fully with the online learning as they would with face-to-face. This includes 100% attendance and adhering to codes of conduct.
    We understand that the online environment can cause anxieties. With this in mind, we are open to participants turning off their cameras at times and they may use the chat feature to communicate. Regular check-ins are made through sessions to ensure everyone is present and engaging.
  • Equipment & Internet
    We are able to provide some laptops, and in some cases we may seek funding for Internet access.
  • Support for students with SEND
    We make the learning environment as inclusive as possible. Extra time is allowed where necessary.  We may be able to make individual arrangements, so talk to us if you have special requirements.

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