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Are you 16-25 and job hunting ?

The good news is that there are more jobs than candidates at the moment, especially in our area – Swindon, Trowbridge and Wiltshire. Tricky part is letting the employers know why they should hire you.

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you might have noticed:

– every unsuccessful application knocks your confidence
– you rarely get good feedback about why you weren’t successful
– you are struggling for positive stories to tell at interview

At Inner Flame, you’ll gain a different perspective and work out how to win at the job hunting game.

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What if… you could show employers why they need you?

Employers are crying out for people like you to come and work for them. 

Local employers and agencies have told us what they’re looking for most.

The answer is  attitude and mindset. Confidence, reliability, communication skills and team working. These are often more important than qualifications, if you want to get their jobs.

What if… you didn’t have to settle for any job?

You need money to survive – sure – but why settle for a job you hate? With a little thought and some training, you can change your goals and work out how to start with a job that really suits you.

What if… you had a new team of friends to support you?

With other people around you – you’re more likely to stay motivated. With advice and reassurance you’ll know what to try next.

So, how can we work together on this?

It starts with 3 questions we ask of everyone who wants to join an Inner Flame programme:

– Are you willing to challenge yourself?
– Are you willing to support others in your team?
– Do you have something about yourself you want to change?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, we can help you.

What now?

If you’d like a chat about your options – then get in touch. You can use the form on this page and we’ll contact you.

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Climb a mountain

Try new things

Do something different today and feel a sense of achievement!

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  • You can do this 100% 100%
  • We’re on your side 100% 100%

“I now have a full time job and it’s all because of Inner Flame. You have changed me as a person and I am so grateful”

(Ryan, 17, Team)

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