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Job Description – Delivery Manager 2022

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Job Title: Delivery Manager
Location: Swindon (& Trowbridge)
Line Manager: General Manager
Salary: £26,000 to £28,000
Hours of work: 37.5 per week (on average)

About Inner Flame
Inner Flame is a respected local charity operating in Swindon and Wiltshire. We deliver programmes for young people, aged 16-25 who may find themselves stuck in life. Based on experiential learning; we challenge young people and help them to plan and make their next positive steps in life. Currently we run the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme and our own Manage Anxiety Your Way. With wrap around support we provide a full progression route for the young people we work with.
We change lives for the better!

I am the Delivery Manager
My job is to ensure that all programmes run smoothly. I take care of quality, logistics, tactical planning and I manage the delivery staff. I support the General Manager to plan future programmes. I know what is going on at all times and I am ready to sort out anything unexpected that crops up.
When things need to get done I make sure they get done. Usually this is by training and delegating to others, but I step up if things are getting missed.
I am also the Designated Safeguarding Lead; A part of my role which I take very seriously. I allow enough time in my schedule to maintain my Continuing Professional Development in this field. I schedule enough time to deal with all safeguarding issues.
I have experience working with young people and experience working in an educational setting. I understand the requirements of funding partners. I know about Ofsted guidelines and criteria and am skilful in leading my Team to meet targets.
I am driven by my passion for helping young people, but I strive to make Inner Flame the best possible environment. I understand that this is done by hard work and continual reflection and improvement.

I am Accountable for

1. Making sure all programmes run smoothly
I take personal pride in young people, referrers, partners, corporate volunteers and other stakeholders being continually delighted by the professionalism and joy they get from working with Inner Flame. Other people deliver programmes but the responsibility for this being done well ultimately lies with me. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):
• I am on site at each delivery location on a regular basis
• Programmes are well planned. Last minute changes / emergencies / things being forgotten are very rare
• Staff are aware at all times what their job is and what they should be doing that day
• More than 60% of referrals come from regular referral partners

2. Ensuring enrolment, attendance and achievement rates are high
I am accountable for referral rates being high. It is my responsibility to ensure Programmes are full. If they are not, I work with the General Manager to plan solutions. I am aware at all times of how well each individual is doing on all programmes. If any require support I ensure they get it. This allows us to keep attendance and achievement rates high.
• Programmes are at least 80% full on start
• Achievement rates meet delivery partner targets
• Drop outs are rare and only in exceptional circumstances. A young person never drops out due to lack of motivation

3. Ensuring records are accurate and
I understand how important it is that enrolment information, registers, outcomes and all information regarding programme participants and staff are maintained in real time. I ensure that data integrity is maintained and accessible to the General Manager and Admin at all times.
• All paperwork for the Prince’s Trust is completed on time or before
• All paperwork for the Funding Partners is completed on time or before
• The CRM is updated daily
• Safeguarding issues are logged at the earliest possible time

4. Internal Quality Assessment (IQA)
I carry out the IQAs for the programmes we run.
• IQA’s are completed to schedule
• Qualifications are submitted on time

5. Ensuring delivery staff can do their jobs
I am the line manager for all delivery staff. I lead by example. I understand that each is an individual. Each has different life experiences and challenges. I work with them to ensure that as a Team we excel in what we do. I make sure they have all the information and training they require. I am in charge of planning and organising their Continuing Professional Development. I am empathetic and listen to their life stuff. I am enabling for them. I work to make their working life stress-free and enjoyable. When challenges come up I see them as opportunities for improvement. I carry out staff reviews and progress meetings
• Staff are trained or undertaking relevant training
• Staff have a work plan and are delivering on their KPIs
• Staff know all policies and procedures – or where to refer to them
• Staff feel supported and challenged
• Staff look forward to coming to work (most of the time)

6. Quality of Delivery
I passionately want the young people on our programmes to have the best possible experience at Inner Flame. To ensure it can be life-changing for each individual, I work with the General Manager and partners to ensure we have a robust Quality Cycle. This includes session observations, pulling together data and feedback.
• The General Manager knows how well each delivery staff member is performing
• Each staff member knows their strengths and areas for improvement
• The Quality Cycle is adhered to
• Data and feedback are available to the General Manager by data drop dates

7. Safeguarding
I am the designated safeguarding lead. I attend regular training for this aspect of my role. I liaise with the Prince’s Trust and funding partners (with approval from the General Manager) about cases which require escalation. I am knowledgeable about the relevant policies for reporting of safeguarding issues to the Prince’s Trust and Partner Organisations.
• All concerns are logged by all staff within 24 hours (however minor)
• Major concerns are escalated through the proper channels as soon as possible (at least within 24 hours)
• The safeguarding log is kept up to date
• All concerns referred to outside agencies are followed up on, and further referrals are made if progress has not been made

8. Outcomes Monitoring
Keeping track of previous participants; I invest in all the young people who come to Inner Flame. I ensure that we know what they all move on to after leaving Inner Flame. I ensure that this information is recorded in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.
• The Outcomes Schedule is adhered to
• Data are recorded accurately and in a timely manner

9. Feeding Back to the General Manager
10. & Trustees
I am involved day to day with the running of all Programmes. I have important knowledge and insights. I make sure that the General Manager and the Trustees know what life is like at the sharp end. I am happy to present my feelings and observations in Trustee Meetings. I arrange get-togethers between staff, participants and Trustees (and potentially other stakeholders).
• My attendance at Trustee Meetings gives Trustees a true picture of the situation
• We have regular gatherings between Trustees, staff and Young People

11. Celebrating and Taking Stock
I place great importance in celebrating achievements. I devote time and effort to making staff feel valued. I work with the General Manager to plan regular wellbeing, social and/or celebration events for staff. I ensure that what we do well is recorded – so we can keep doing it. I also ensure we all take note of and learn from areas for improvement.
• Staff feel that their work is celebrated (from staff feedback forms)
• There is a culture of continual improvement – embedded into processes and procedures and highlighted in staff meetings

12. Holding Delivery Staff to Account
I understand that targets need to be met for Inner Flame to thrive – and for us all to get paid! I support staff to meet their targets.
I make sure they understand their personal accountabilities. I train and encourage and sometimes assist. But I do not have time to do the work for them. If delivery staff continually fail to meet their targets, I flag this up and escalate through disciplinary procedures where appropriate. I prefer the carrot rather than the stick, but I understand that some people need a push to work to their best. I also understand that some people are not suited to the roles they have. If I suspect someone is in the wrong role, I notify the General Manager as soon as possible.
• It is immediately apparent when delivery staff are not meeting their KPIs
• The disciplinary procedure is adhered to when necessary
• The General Manager is aware at all times of any shortcomings staff may have

I am Supported by
1. The General Manager
I have a close working relationship with the General Manager. We have regular meetings and ensure that communication is effective. I know that the General Manager has my back. If I have any challenges I can go to them to talk through solutions. I know that they will listen to my opinions, but they may need to make judgement calls which I disagree with.
2. Administrators
I work with the admin team. They are there to support with tasks – particularly time-consuming tasks which may take me or delivery staff away from what we do best. They are there to support with processes and procedures. They are in charge of placing orders for petty cash, bus passes, office supplies, training and other things which may crop up. Admin keep tabs on HR processes and holidays.
3. Trustees
Trustees have ultimate responsibility for everything which happens at Inner Flame. Their roles are voluntary and different Trustees have different levels of time available for Inner Flame. I know the Trustees from events that they attend. I know how involved each can be. I don’t contact the Trustees for minor issues or everyday things. I rely on our regular scheduled communications for this. I do contact the Trustees directly if I have an important issue I cannot go to the General Manager about.
4. My Staff
I lead my staff. When I feel vulnerable or uncertain I am careful to look for support upwards rather than from those I manage. However, I work closely with my staff as a team and their opinions and suggestions inspire me and help me to enjoy my job.
5. Inner Flame’s Partner Organisations
As a delivery partner of the Prince’s Trust, I work closely with our local Youth Development Lead. They are very supportive and full of practical tips and solutions. I am mindful that they are busy and work with our General Manager to ensure I don’t take too much of their time.

My Skills
To do this job I have the following skills, knowledge and abilities:
• I provide leadership in a challenging environment
• I have the ability to work on own initiative, with the minimum of supervision, within a busy environment.
• I provide a positive role model for young people
• I have commitment to motivate and inspire disaffected young people to achieve their potential
• I have enthusiasm, stamina and a willingness to work unsociable hours when necessary
• I have experience of working with groups of young people

• I have organisational and administration skills and self-motivation
• I have effective time management skills, including the ability to prioritise and manage a varied workload
• I have experience with Microsoft Office, including Teams
• I have a current driving license & business insurance (once in post)
• I am happy and able to drive to locations around Wiltshire and Swindon several times a week
• I have the capacity to engage with people at all levels
• Commitment to Equal Opportunities Legislation and an understanding of, and commitment to work within, the principles of diversity.
• I have good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to write reports and deliver presentations to a variety of audiences

• I have the experience and ability to assess course work against qualifications criteria
• I am Qualified to RQF Level 4/SCQF Level 7 or above or suitable relevant experience teaching or training in the subject being assessed
• Assessment experience and knowledge of assessment types and methods appropriate for the qualifications being assessed
• Knowledge of the principles and practices of IQA
• Experience of giving constructive feedback to Assessors
• I have a willingness to undertake on–going training



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