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My future ?

What if you could change the path of your life?

You can!

All the decisions you make – how you spend your time, who with, what work you do, your lifestyle – impact your future.

Inner Flame’s programmes encourage participants to think about the future, the choices we make, and the impact of those choices.

5 ideas to shape your future


1 Imagine your ‘perfect life’

Take some time to think. If nothing could stop you, what would your life look like in say 5 or 10 years? Where are you living? Who do you have around you – friends, family? What are you doing?

It doesn’t have to be realistic, and the one thing we can guarantee is your life won’t look exactly like that!

But this exercise can be really useful in identifying what’s most important to us.

Consider sharing it with someone you trust, and putting it on your wall at home. It may guide your decisions, even when you’re not consciously aware of that.

2 Talk to someone who has got there

“How did you get into this career?”

“What would be your advice to someone wanting to make a start in your industry?”

Who better to ask, than someone who has achieved something you want to?

People love to help people, and if you want to run a marathon, ask a marathon runner!

3 Doesn’t have to be perfect

Sometimes, we can get stuck in our thinking, when we are afraid of making the “wrong” choice. But most decisions aren’t forever.

We never have perfect information to make a decision, and sometimes the best thing is just to give something a try.

4 Set mini goals

Dream big, but start small.

Get the ball rolling by setting some realistic short-term goals.

Ticking these off gives us motivation

5 Finally…

Believe in the change you can make. If you reach for the moon and fail – you’re still part way to the moon!

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Connect with others

Find people who inspire you. They’ll give you  lots of ideas and different perspectives.

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