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Confidence helps you achieve what you want. When you have it life flows. Things fall into place. When you don’t, everything becomes much harder.

Good news is… you can build your confidence and self-belief.

5 ways to build your confidence now


1 Set daily goals

Try to find things which take you slightly out of your comfort zone. Make your bed / go for a walk / talk to a neighbour etc. You’ll know what will stretch you.

2 Try new things

Ok – do things you have a good chance of achieving. No point setting yourself up to fail. But there is a world out there waiting for you. So try to do something new on a regular basis.

3 Keep a record

At the end of each day, tick off the goals you’ve achieved. Look at the ones you haven’t and think what you could do to achieve them next time. Over time you’ll build up a log of what you find easy, what you find hard and if you try to stretch yourself each day, your confidence in new things will build.

4 Celebrate

When you achieve a goal find a way to celebrate. You can keep it simple and do a little dance or treat yourself to something. When you achieve something – make sure you take notice.  Remember the good things and move on from the negative.

5 Finally…

Fake it till you make it. Act confident. Other people will believe you are. Eventually you’ll agree with them.

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Climb a mountain

Try new things

Do something different today and feel a sense of achievement!

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I feel more confident and more aware. I think i have a higher tolerance than I once thought. ” SP,  20yrs

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