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Inner Flame is a Wiltshire-based charity that offers free courses to develop confidence, self-worth, life skills, and employability in 16-25s who are at a disadvantage.

About !F

Inner Flame is a local Swindon-based Charity running programmes for young people who find themselves at a disadvantage in Swindon and Wiltshire. The organisation was founded by David Wreathall in 2008. The passion is to give young people the tools and mindset to thrive in their future lives. Our programmes are based around experiential learning; challenging the young people and inspiring them to grab life and run with it.


We are probably best known for the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, which is a 12-week full time employability and self-development programme. It’s an incredible programme and can genuinely be life-changing. We have also developed our own Mental Health Programme: Manage Anxiety Your Way. We created this in response to the increased need (even before the Pandemic) for mental health support for young people. This programme is proving to meet a need and the feedback about the impact on young people is powerful.


Around these programmes we run shorter programmes to create a full progression route for young people. Success is measured by hard outcomes, such as young people progressing to the workplace, but also by soft outcomes; such as increased resilience, motivation and development of goals and aspirations. 


At Inner Flame we always start with the individual. Many young people who come through our doors have low self esteem and feel their lives have little value. We show them that they can achieve and help them start their journey.


Our data shows that we are having a significant impact on the young people that we work with.

Below is a selection of our 2019 Impact Monitoring Data, which is compiled using self-assessment data gathered from our students both at the start and end of the Prince’s Trust Team Programme.


Felt an increase in their confidence, as well as their physical, mental and emotional wellness


Felt an increase in positive attitude


Felt an increase in their communication skills


Felt an increase in their teamwork skills