I can remember walking into the Inner Flame building feeling nervous. As I walked into the room I was met by beaming faces and suddenly a wave of relief washed over me.  The name game was being played and I joined in. A ball was thrown around and whoever caught it had to throw it at a person and say their name.  This was a great way to know who everyone was.

Throughout the course there were several challenges we faced but overcame with tremendous strength. I can clearly remember one of he team members being scared of water and during the residential week, she stood on the edge of a rock and leapt into the water. I was amazed that she was able to beat her fears and Inner Flame helped her to do so.

We also had a community challenge in which we revamped the back and front gardens of Orchid Care Home over a period of one and a half weeks. We really had to work hard as snow was fast on the horizon and by the end of it; they looked like different gardens entirely.

We helped feed the homeless by making meals with the food from M&S that is send regular to the inner Flame HQ.  We put together soups and stews from beef stock, vegetables and eggs. We also included sweets and cutlery for them. As we arrived, the Alternative Angels greeted us and helped us to set up. Just as we had finished setting up people began to magnetize towards the stands. It was so wonderful to know that we were helping out those in need and as I handed food around I can remember really considering what I had and how lucky I was for it.

We had a day where people from Nationwide came in and helped us to write CV’s in a manner that appeals to certain jobs. It really put things into perspective for me about how important CV’s are to getting a job. In the same week, we also had mock interviews. We dressed up very smart and had pretend interviews with people from Lloyds bank, they taught us the right way to behave in interviews and after the interviews were over, they spoke to us about what we could do to present ourselves better.

Of course all good things must come to an end and suddenly we were at the final presentation. We had been working of this for a while and we created a brilliant final piece. We spoke about our achievements over the last 3 months, what we had achieved and what we got out of the programme. I felt proud of myself and I felt that I had made a huge difference in my life.

I’d like to thank Inner Flame for helping me in boosting my confidence and helping me to understand myself more. It was an amazing 3 months and I hope to stay in contact with Inner flame in the future.

(The man himself, Tom Murphy)