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Job Vacancies

Our mission is to develop Young People (aged 16-25) who are at a disadvantage so that they have a greater opportunity to thrive.

Inner Flame is different. We are here to help Young People find their place in the world and thrive. At Inner Flame young people can explore who they are, push themselves and find the inspiration they need. We change lives for the better.

Our staff make this happen. Each of us has a role to play. But each of us is here because it suits our own life goals. Why would you work somewhere that didn’t suit your personal life goals? We are all passionate about what we do because every day we want to come to work. Work is where we craft our own lives. With this at the heart of everything we do, we give the best of ourselves and so the Young People get the best experience at Inner Flame.

Would you like to work here? Then, ask yourself “What will Inner Flame give me?”

If the answer is something that will further your life goals, then we invite you to look at our current job vacancies, and look forward to meeting you.