On October 19th, we held our first Equality and Diversity Day in Swindon. Guests from Bangladesh, Ghana, Tibet, Mauritius and Cambodia joined the town’s Deputy Mayor and our Prince’s Trust Team Programme students for a day of learning about other country’s cultures and lifestyles.

Helen, a member of our Swindon Team, said “it was an eye-opening experience. It was a great insight into other nationality’s communities and cultures.”

Each guest shared their personal story of living in their home country and their upbringing, as well as their journey to England. From traditional clothing, to national anthems, our students were given a full picture of each country’s customs. We even had the local Indian restaurant, the Lalbagh, provide Indian snacks for lunch!

“We were delighted and grateful to have an opportunity to welcome volunteers from so many countries and continents to Inner Flame’s Prince’s Trust Team Programme” said Inner Flame CEO, Gail McKay. “Their stories were both informative, poignant and in one case, shocking. The students gained a remarkable insight into other people’s struggles and triumphs.”

Following this success, we look forward to running more Equality and Diversity sessions in future.