Role of our Advisory Board

Inner Flame is very grateful for the help it receives from members of its Advisory Board. This note aims to clarify the relationship that Inner Flame seeks with these individuals.

1.      Purpose
The Advisory Board consists of people who have volunteered to help Inner Flame with its strategy, planning or operations. This usually involves lending their expertise and/or putting the organisation in touch with other helpful contacts.
Such help is offered on a voluntary basis, but Inner Flame may also employ members in the course of its business. This will normally be at a favourable rate compared to their usual commercial terms.
2.      Communication and Meetings
Members of the Advisory Board can expect regular updates on progress with Inner Flame, and will have full access to the team’s secure website/blog.
All input will be welcome, although the advice sought from Advisory Board members will mainly be within their individual areas of expertise. Members will not be asked to make strategic or operational decisions for Inner Flame – this is to avoid them being seen as “shadow directors”. Therefore although referred to as a Board, this is not to be confused with the board of the company.
Inner Flame staff will seek to meet with members individually, at their convenience, and generally for around an hour every 1-2 months. Members will be invited to the AGM, but will not be expected to attend regular Directors or committee meetings.
Membership of the Advisory Board will be in the public domain unless we agree otherwise. This means that Inner Flame will publish on its website a brief profile of members, and members are free also to publicise their association with Inner Flame. If this is done in a context that could generate publicity for Inner Flame, members are asked to advise a member of Inner Flame staff in advance, highlighting in particular any aspects that could be controversial.
3.      Membership Status
The number of Advisory Board members will initially be limited to 10. This number may be reviewed by the Directors (Trustees) from time to time. Members of the Advisory Board:
  • Are appointed by the trustees. The founder may invite individuals to become members of the Advisory Board, subject to ratification at the next trustees’ meeting.
  • Are not trustees or directors of the organisation, but will be full members and will be invited to Annual General Meetings, where they will have equal voting rights with the Trustees.
Members of the Advisory Board will be invited to participate in courses, and are therefore requested to complete a CRB Disclosure Application Form when recruited, if they would like to attend.


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